Colorization for Single Image Super Resolution

Shuaicheng Liu* ,Michael S. Brown* ,Seon Joo Kim*, Yu-Wing Tai**

*NUS (National University of Singapore)

**KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Abstract: We introduce a new procedure to handle color in image super resolution (SR). Most existing SR techniques focus primarily on enforcing image priors or synthesizing image details; less attention is paid to the final color assignment. As a result, many existing SR techniques exhibit some form of color aberration in the final upsampled image. In this paper, we outline a procedure based on image colorization and back-projection to perform color assignment guided by the super resolution luminance channel. We have found that our procedure produces better results both quantitatively and qualitatively than existing approaches. In addition, our approach is generic and can be incorporated into any existing SR techniques.



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