Intrinsic Decomposition for Stereoscopic Images

 Dehua Xie1, Shuaicheng Liu1,  Kaimo Lin2Shuyuan Zhu1      Bing Zeng1    

1. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

2. National University of Singapore


Intrinsic image decomposition is an important technique that decomposes an image into reflectance and shading components. In this paper, we enable intrinsic decomposition for stereoscopic images. Traditional approaches cannot be directly applied to decompose stereoscopic images, yielding inconsistent reflectance and 3D artifacts after recoloring. To solve this problem, we propose a straight yet effective method for stereoscopic intrinsic decomposition, which consists of classical retinex constraint as well as disparity constraint. The former encodes the shading smoothness prior while the latter controls the reflectance similarity between two views. To further reduce ambiguity, we employ local and non-local texture cues by using superpixels within and across two views. The experiments show that our method can effectively decompose stereoscopic images with high quality and offer a comfortable 3D viewing experience.

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